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Yoga in the sky – 250 m above the city!

Yoga in the sky – 250 m above the city!

I am one of those girls who have spent their life bypassing PE classes and shudder at the very thought of physical activity. When my husband at the very beginning of our relationship tried to persuade me to do some sport together, I have said immediately, deadly serious, that if he was ever going to do it again, it’s better for us to break up right away 🙂 And what? One hundred years later, my flaccid body voluntarily went to yoga class.

There were two reasons:

1. Watching perfect Sydney bodies million times a day has planted a little, shy motivation root in me
2. Classes take place on the top floor of the Sydney Tower Eye, offering 360 degree view of Sydney. Basically, the view itself would be awesome enough, we would be fine without the yoga part. But since the class actually happened, I’ll share with you my impressions.

You need to be on the spot at 6:45 – theoretically it hurts, but then it is exactly the time of the sunrise, which floods Sydney with the first sun rays. the water in the harbour shimmers…Entering the room (the observation desk, to be exact) and seeing this is pretty spectacular.

The classes are run by a very energetic and funny instructor. If you are afraid that you won’t be able to handle it, because you have never done yoga before, have no fear- the level is not very advanced, and some exercises can be done in advanced or basic version. And even if you turn out to be a total disaster, no one notices, or at least pretends so, so just enjoy it.

The price includes a light breakkie, no need to drag your mat either.

Great energy boost in the morning!