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Birthday Travel Diary: Short Bali Guide For Those who Need to Get Back To Work Immediately

Birthday Travel Diary: Short Bali Guide For Those who Need to Get Back To Work Immediately

There comes a day in every woman’s life (some 70 years earlier than in a man’s life) when she hits a universally acceptable expiration date. What to do then? There are three options:

  • A: wrap yourself in an old fashion two-pieces suit (over the knee, obviously), weep over your sad fate over a bottle of vodka / whiskey / kale
  • B: shrug your shoulders and do nothing
  • C: shrug your shoulders, pack some colorful dresses, put a flower in your hair and go to Bali.

I chose the C option.

If you’re in Bali for as shamefully short time as we were (4.5 days), then my Short Bali Guide For Those Who Need to Get Back To Work Immediately might be useful for you.

  1. First of all: Do not be too ambitious in setting up your list of “must see or die” places. Let it go (let it goooooooo!). Although Google maps is optimistic in informing you that a single day is definitely enough to visit most of the temples, the reality will brutally bring you down to earth. The traffic jams and brothel (excusez le mot) on the road will effectively discourage you from trying to see everything from your Ambitious Tourist list. Another hint of demobilization is the hordes of tourists and sellers who skillfully kill the atmosphere of the most popular places, especially beautiful temples. So I recommend to see less, but taking time to enjoy it. We chose:
  2. Ubud – here you will experience the most genuine Bali atmosphere.
  3. Kopi luwak plantation – the most expensive coffee in the world, made from grains that are extracted from the faeces of cute animals called luwaks. Gross but still delicious! A hero played by Jack Nickolson in a movie “The Bucket List” wanted to try it before he dies 🙂
  4. Rice fields – although they are irretrievably conquered by tourists and sellers, it is still amazing place to see, thanks to its infinity and intensity of colors. We’ve been both to touristy Tegalalang, (I recommend going there early in the morning, even at 7 am –there will be few people and you won’t need immediate resuscitation from the heat stroke) and less popular, but equally beautiful Jatiluwih.
  5. Potato Head Beach Club – This place was recommended to me by my Sydney friends (thanks, girls!). It is worth to book a bed well in advance (the earlier, the better!). Music, pool bar, infinity pool, long list of quirky and delicious drinks, good food – you can spend the whole day here. Especially if you are celebrating your birthday 🙂
  6. Seminyak – a completely different face of Bali, more “modern-pub-club”version.
  7. Pura Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple)- sacred healing springs in which faithful believers take ritual baths. Mandatory!
  8. Monkey Forest – Not only it is a beautiful place in itself, it’s also full of funny monkeys that you can observe in their natural environment. They fell in love with my flowing dress, seems to me that Balinese monkeys have a good sense of style!
  9. Pura Gunung Kawi Pura – Prepare to climb hundreds of stairs, but it’s definitely worth it!
  10. Pura Tanah Lot – recommended especially during sunset, a picturesque temple on a rock.

Dear Bali I will come back! Next time for longer!