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Safari in Tanzania

Safari in Tanzania

I have this weird thing about rating everything in my life. I believe its origins date back my childhood and the phenomenon of the so-called “Golden Thoughts” – the bulky notebooks with hundreds of peculiar questions that should be answered when you were handed such a notebook (the 90s, baby!). So it was obligatory to establish your favorite “everything”, from car color to bubble gum. So I’m kind of still in the game, mentally awarding prizes in every category in my life.  And so, in the category called “What would I recommend for everyone to experience at least once in their lifetime” I award… (fanfares!) safari in Tanzania (I accept other countries in Africa, though, but I recommend Tanzania with all my heart).

Why safari in Tanzania is a must – do?

Well, imagine that you’re going in your jeep, enjoying the views, with binoculars sticked to your eyes, and you spot something like this:

Or like this

Or you rush through the savanna at great speed because your adorable and very involved guide got a hint from someone on the radio that he saw a tiny little lion somewhere. This crazy ride will stay long in my memory. Even better when you spot the wild animals yourself ( this is actually all about it), you get extra points for finding the whole, so-called “the Great Five”: lion, buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros and leopard. You need a bit of luck here and a good eye.

Amazing landscapes and communing with wildlife in its natural environment is something that you have to live 🙂