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A couple travelling the whole world with a drone, sending "besos" along the way :)

Pure happiness: flight over the Heart of Voh in New Caledonia

Pure happiness: flight over the Heart of Voh in New Caledonia

You can’t buy happiness, they say.  But you can buy 1-hour flight over The Heart of Voh, lagoons and their 50 shades of blue and it’s a kinda same thing.

Coeur de Voh was made famous by the publications of a great French photographer, Yann Arthus Bertrand.  It’s an unusual (natural!)  plant formation in a perfect heart shape. Surrounded by the lagoons and the mountains, it’s a true wonder of nature.

The little airport is located near Koné, about 3 hours drive from Nouméa. The most convenient way is to book a room in Hibiscus Hotel, which offers different flight packages (and great breakfasts!) and is located just 5 minutes by car from the airport.

When you travel as a couple, please be advised that you cannot be together in a one ULM – they are just too small 🙂 But it’s actually even better because your planes will “meet” many times during the flight, you can also communicate through the microphone, which is fun 🙂

My husband chose a “sensation” flight, which can be scary for some 🙂  I took a much gentle version 🙂

The pilots are super nice and take their time to answer all the questions you have and their passionate stories will make you want to pass a pilot license immediately (my husband got obsessed). And I loved the playlists! The takeoff listening to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers was just unforgettable.

The whole experience was just amazing and will rule the throne in my memory for the next 80 years 🙂 I left forever a piece of my heart somewhere around the Heart of Voh.