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Ode to freedom – conquering French Savoie in Volkswagen Camper from 1978

Ode to freedom – conquering French Savoie in Volkswagen Camper from 1978

Driving a Volkswagen Combi adds a completely new dimension to travel. It is you who decide in which circumstances you’re going to fall asleep and wake up. Dazzling lake? You got it. Mountain view? As you wish, sir. Pure freedom! Plus an option of having a barbecue wherever and whenever you want it makes it a true dolce vita, doesn’t it?

Well, just driving and parking an old camper is an adventure in itself, at least at the beginning.

We rented our “Lemon” (Combi Westfalia 1978) in Annecy, from the passionate owner of “Combi des Alpes”, Miguel, who restored  his first Volkswagen Beetle at the age of 17 ( I prefer the French, caressing name for this model of car – coccinele, a ladybird 🙂

Charming Annecy is – hands down – one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. If you ever get a chance – go there, take a walk along the lake and have lunch in one of those cute, tiny restaurants located next to the canal. It is also an ideal place to rent a Camper because the area (Savoie region) is absolutely breathtaking. Lakes and indefinite mountains, view of Mont Blanc …

You don’t need anything, apart from food, everything is included: bedclothes, shower, barbecue, dishes… You’re ready for adventure, enjoy!

Another camper trip very soon in Australia 🙂 And before that, grab some photos from France: