The Flip Flop Squad

A couple travelling the whole world with a drone, sending "besos" along the way :)

Excuse me, which planet is it? About the cosmic beauty of Sud Lipez.

Excuse me, which planet is it? About the cosmic beauty of Sud Lipez.

We packed into a jeep – together with a couple from Switzerland, our guide Eddie and our cook Antonina – and set off for Sud Lipez, the desert region of southern Bolivia, on the Chilean border, located at the altitude of 4000 (!!!) m. On the way we sang hits from the 90s, and let me tell you this: maybe we were all born in countries different on so many levels, but when it comes to music, especially, when it’s the legendary “It’s my life” by Dr. Alban – well,  we’re all exactly the same.

I knew it would be beautiful. Be it, I’m an inhabitant of the internet and I became acquainted with many photos and articles. But the reality turned out to be just SO much better. Enough of beauty to share with few other countries. In fact, every now and then we stopped to give ourselves another glimpse of amazing views. It was so different from what I had seen so far that it was unreal. It was as if we were on another planet. Colorful lagoons, pink flamingos, geysers, deserts, llamas and vicunas, rainbow mountains and volcanos … all closed in the area of Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve.

The first night we slept nearby the Uturuncu volcano – we learned that it is a red alert level supervolcano! And some scientists predict that the eruption will occur in the next five years and will cause massive destruction not only in Bolivia but also in Argentina and Chile! Aaaaa!

Now, my dear readers, I’ll share a golden advice with you. Do NOT travel from Uyuni !! Travel from Tupiza, and even better – spend at least one full day exploring the surrounding area (it was one of the unexpected highlights of our trip). Why not from Uyuni? HORDES of tourists leave from there, which results in being constantly accompanied by a whole army of jeeps filled with people. Tupiza is not very popular (although probably within a few years it will change), most of the time we were the only car, able to enjoy the peace and the works of “Pachamama” –  the mother nature.

If my ecstatic disquisition did not convince you, just take a look at these pictures 🙂